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We can identify threats to your cloud computing services either in an existing service environment or a planned environment.  We will identify security risks and provide rsik management strageties that are appropriate to your service and business expectations. If you are contemplating taking advantage of these cloud-based services and capabilities, you should know and understand the security safeguards and accompanying risks.

 Just because everyone else is going there does not make it any more secure.....

What Is it? Cloud computing technology is not new! The technology is ubiquitous, the service offering concepts and service models are newer concepts. It is a common terminology that can be applied to various service provider network models including those that deliver host-based services to customers (mostly Internet-based access). Cloud Computing and Security issues and concepts are definitely of interest for cloud computing and can facilitate or disrupt business. Cloud consumers can benefit from:

  • Significant IT cost savings based on economies of scale; 

  • Service flexibility (on-demand); and 

  • Increased IT capabilities

To differentiate cloud computing from traditional IT hosting services, cloud computing offers:

  • Customer purchased on-demand; 

  • Service elasticity by up-scaling or down-scaling using automated transparent processes; and 

  • Generally managed by Service Provider (depending on the deployment model, see below).

From a technology perspective, one can relate to Virtual Machines (VM) as a component of cloud computing; however, it is but a component and not the focal point of cloud computing, depending on the service model.

The main characteristics of cloud computing are:

  • On-demand Self-service 

  • Broad Network Access 

  • Resource Pooling 

  • Rapid Elasticity 

  • Measured Service

 Typical cloud services offerings include:

  • Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS 

  • Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) 

  • Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 

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