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Security Awareness 


 We can assist you with identifying your security awareness (and training) requirements. We can also deliver high quality security awareness briefings tailored to the specific audience (i.e. senior management, managers, all employees etc.)

Security Awareness is a process of making individuals cognizant of IT security issues such as the current threat environment. Awareness provides individuals with an organization’s perspective on IT security policies and procedures and influences behavior. These types of controls are applied to all users of any component of the organization’s IT infrastructure; including systems that operate in stand-alone mode whether they are for unfettered internet access or processing sensitive information.

 We will develop and deliver an organizational specific security awareness presentation that can address:

  • Senior Management Perspective on IT Security; 
  • IT Security Program and related Policies; 
  • IT Security Threat Awareness; 
  • IT Security Vulnerability Awareness; and
  • Any other relevant IT Security matters.