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Information Security Policy

We can prepare an initial policy instrument for you and/or review and amend existing security policies to meet your Corporate and Governance requirements and expectations.


Security Policies:

Security policies are the means by which an effective information security posture can be established. In order to provide clear management direction, a comprehensive set of  security policies can be developed or a single policy with the necessary components for a smaller organization. These policies are then approved by senior management and by so doing demonstrate commitment and funding for IT security as is necessary.

As with other organization policies, the security policies are also promulgated across the entire organization and all employees can be familiar with the contents as it applies to each one’s respective area of responsibility.

Information security policies contribute the following security controls in maintaining a sound security posture:

  • Defines the roles and responsibilities of key personnel with regard to security; 
  • Facilitates the coordination of the other organizational policies, standards, and legal and regulatory requirements that relate to IT security; 
  • States the requirement for making security an integral part of service delivery; 
  • States the requirement for funding in support of  security; and 
  • States the requirements for the review and revision of the policies themselves and any supporting documents.

All IT security policies are the cornerstone to the success of an overall Security Program.

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